Sam Cannarozzi

conteur - storyteller

At Stuttgart's International

Sam in action

In February 2018, Sam CANNAROZZI celebrates almost four decades in storytelling.

"I am the product of all the ancestors getting togther and deciding these stories need to be told."

Hindu writer, Rupi Kaur

"Storytelling is an intimate and universal art form that is over 50,000 years old !" -

Bernard Colin

After a diploma in modern languages and linguistics, Sam continued with training in dance and the performing arts in the United States but especially in France and Europe. Then came the decisive moment when he responded to an invitation from the 'Conteurs du Monde/World Storytellers' Festival organized by the Maison des Cultures du Monde (Paris) in a little village in Dordogne, France. There for the first time he heard with his own ears storytellers from Rajistan, Egypt, Vietnam and other parts of the world. And where he shared stages with new wave French storytellers - Mimi Bathélémy, Hamed Bouzzine, Bruno Delasalle, Daniel L'Homond, Cathérine Zarcate and others who would become an inspiration for him. In 2017 he celebrates over 35 years in storytelling.

He then began creating his own stories that were at the same time gestural, visual, used objects originating in the oral tradition with which he would travel all over France, to over a dozen European countries (Scandinavia, Austria, Ireland, Portugal etc) as well as West Africa (Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, The Ivory Coast...) from festivals to cultural centers, from museums to libraries ...

If there is a constant in his performances it is a sensitivity to all cultures and a totally sensorial approach to story - you can find in his stories- tastes, scents, foreign languages, pictures, objects, fabrics, gestures, colors, sounds and music, that he offers to all audiences from the very young on, and also in the form of workshops.

To these different and varied programs, have been added other activites parallel to storytelling - Carnaval and holidays, toys and games and conferences on different subjects. He also has developed scientific programs with a poetic touch.

Or if you like he can specially compose an event with a theme (For example: Storytelling and the Circus Arts) or from a specific geographic area such as Oceania.

For an intimate evening or on an international stage; for a Festival, Library Project, inauguration or holiday, Sam Cannarozzi tells stories but also knows how to listen. So lend him your ears and he promises to hand them back embellished and full to overflowing !

"Sam yada Cannarozzi, through the marriage of words and gestures, makes contact with that part of childhood that resides in each of us." /Cultural Seasons: Saône and Loir, FRANCE, 8 March, 2008.

February 19 2018 9:41